Iin Lukio

Our winter week in Finland


We have been here for a week now and unfortunately it is soon time for us to leave. We are doing it with regret as usual and all we can do is hope that there will be a next time and many more next times.

The program has been rich in events and we have learnt a lot, worked a bit, enjoyed ourselves tremendously and will leave with lots of nice memories. We have been to Santa Claus; he was welcoming and cheerful as always and promised to fulfil all our wishes if we behaved. We froze a bit in the Ice Castle in Kemi but were amazed by its magnificence, we had fun in the snow on the icy River Ii, we visited the Arktikum so, when back in Hungary, we would be able to tell everybody willing to listen to our stories that we were at the North Pole! Sounds so exotic, doesn’t it? We took part in workshops, worked on the computers to prepare the material for the final exhibition “Own European place”, went shopping, had long talks, made plans for the future…We tasted Finnish food, went to an old, cosy restaurant in Oulu, had dinner in our friend’s home ( smoked salmon, yummy!). We could meet again Sana Koivisto, it always is a pleasure to see her, talk to her, and have a look at her new and old works of art.

Many, many unforgettable things in such short time and now we are starting to pack. Our pullovers and ski boots will weigh what they will, hopefully not more than allowed, but the bit of Finland we are taking home, Teijo’s competence and helpfulness, Juha’s humour, Tajisto’s calm, the Finn families’ welcoming friendliness, however weightless physically, they are all our most cherished and  precious cargo. No customs officer will ever notice it, as the memories, the joy and the new shine in our eyes can travel beyond borders, they are neither restricted, nor prohibited by any international law.

Ii, Finland, the 27th of February 2010


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