Iin Lukio

As a result of our project we produced an photograph exhibition in which participating students could express in photos and texts their conceptions about their "own places", the places they like and the places they think are good living surroundings.

The material for the project was, to a large extent, prepared in advance, before the final  meeting. During the week, the students worked in several workshops to make sure the texts and photos would be perfect by the end of the week. In doing this, we had the benefit of having an IT expert and a professional photographer there to help us.

The exhibition will be sent to all partners in turn to be shown in some public place. We set up the exhibition at our local town hall for two weeks, and the official opening of the exhibition took place on 26th January, 2010.

Here you can see all the photos and texts in PowerPoint format by clicking the link. The quality of these photos is not as good as it is on the prints because of the techological limitations, but here you can have a look at what the exhibition looks like: European Own Place (pdf-file)

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