Iin Lukio

Comenius School Partnership Project

European Own Place

Ii Upper Secondary School is the coordinating school for an international educational project launched in 2008. The other participating schools are Baktay Ervin Gimnázium from Dunahararaszti, Hungary and Unesco Hauptschule in Ferlach, Austria. The regional art centre KulttuuriKauppila in Ii will play an active role in the partnership. We will also possibly cooperate with Osvovna sola Cirila Kosmaca in Piran, Slovenia. The project gets its funding from the European Union Comenius programme through Centre for International Mobility (CIMO).

The objectives of the partnership are to give the students experiences of international co-operation, to assist them in strengthening self-critical world-views, and to deepen their capacity to define what it means to be European. In doing this, photography is used as a medium of creativity and self-expression. Each partner works locally by taking the theme into the regular education through an applicable subject, for instance history or literature.
The project will include three meetings, one in each participating institution. The visiting groups will consist of 5-6 students and one or two teachers. The task is to produce a local exhibitions consisting of photos and texts under the theme of environment and place. The students from all schools will work in cooperation and evaluate both the results and the process as a whole. The working language is English. The visits will take place in 2009 and 2010.
During partnership visits the participating students discuss features and problems in their local environments so that innovative definitions of their place in Europe can be constructed. The partnership will result in an exhibition resembling a jigsaw puzzle which consists of views from different parts of Europe .

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