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Lifelong Learning Programme

Comenius 2008 - 2010: „European own place"

Comenius - week in Ferlach, Austria

A text by Hungarian group

This multilateral partnership brings together youngsters from 4 countries: Austria, Finland, Slovenia and Hungary and, as stated in the project, its aim is to consider the connections of social and physical environment with European identity. The theme of the partnership is handled through photograpy as a medium of creativity and self-expression.

The preparatory period of the project started in 2008 but it was only during the first week of February 2009 that the representatives of the participating countries, students and teachers, had the possibility to meet, know each other, work and have fun together.

The week in Ferlach enabled the Hungarian students to take part in everyday life, both at school and in the host families where they were accommodated. They got involved in activities where co-operation and mutual help created frienships hopefully for a lifetime.  Sightseeing in Klagenfurt, skiing in Bodenthal, preparing „Austrian Cheese Pasties"in the school kitchen, painting, playing the African drums, working on the „survival vocabulary" or „the tree of life" do not only mean hours and hours spent together but also hundreds of photographs taken. They each hold the excitement, melancholy or joy of the moment and, when put together, we will have the picture of the way our students see and understand their own European place. The first exhibition of this project will be organized in the Town Library next month and we will also be able to share our experiences with the whole community on the local TV as well as in our monthly magazine.  Then there is more fun and work to come: in May we are the hosts, the organizers of the camp and we do hope that the programme we are setting up will meet all our partners' expectations and the young, when leaving, will have the same excellent impressions as ours had on that  tearful morning at the Ferlach train station. Here are some of our students' thoughts after the visit:

„I think Selina's family is very nice, they always helped me if I needed something. I enjoyed staying there, I could get to know a country's traditions, way of life"

„I love Ferlach because it's beautiful and the people are very friendly, I loved the snow and the mountains, I hope I will be able to go there again"

„All the teachers were very kind to us and to my surprise, they all could speak English!"

„I was happy at the end of the day because I hadn't seen such big snow for years"

„When we left Budapest I was worried about having to stay one week with people I didn't know but now I don't regret the trip as I got to know a nice family, relly good people. They told me that I had become their daughter and for me they are my second family: I love them very much".

„I simply love Austria and the people I met there! The week was unforgettable, I had a great time! We keep in touch and that's important"

So this was our week in Ferlach as seen by Betty, Kriszta, Pálma, Vivi and the two boys Tomi and Tamás.

Fortunately, we are able to say:



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