Iin Lukio


Hungarian students in Ii 24. - 31.08. 2008

A week diary written by Hungarian and Finnish students

When we were on the plane, the view was breathtaking but when we arrived at the airport, we were disappointed because of the cold weather. At the airport we met our hosts and they took us to their home.

On the first day we were guided by the headmaster and we visited some lessons. At 11:30 we got a delicious lunch. In Monitoimitila we showed a film about Dunaharaszti, our home town. After the film we sang 3 Hungarian folk songs and we were very good. When this program was finished and we went to our new homes.

On the second day we took part in the school sport day where everybody could play football or rubber boot throwing or play crocket etc. We tried the rubber boot throwing and we liked it very much. In the afternoon we went to Mikko´s and Miia's house. There we ate sausages and we watched a film and we played a Finnish game called Mölkky. We liked it very much. Early in the night we played a football match: Finnish vs. Hungarian people.



On the third day we went to the culture centre where we visited an Austrian photographer and we got a task: We had to play Kalevala chapters and take photos. We did it until lunch.

After lunch there was a workshop in the computer class and we choose the perfect pictures and we did series. The rest of the day we were at Valtteri's house and we played crocket and Mölkky.



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On the fourth day we visited again various lessons. After lunch we went to Virpiniemi golf centre where we tried to play golf. In the afternoon we went to Oulu. First of all our way led to the Mc'Donalds and after that we did some shopping.




On Friday we went to the river Ii where we did some canoeing. We paddled two kilometres on one of the side beds of the delta. Then we had a coffee break and roasted some sausages on open fire. After the break we paddled to see the cost line and we saw a couple of wild swans on the sea. The trip was nice and the scenery fine. Exceptionally the sun was shining during the trip!













In the evening we are playing bowling in Oulu.




On Saturday we went shopping again and everybody had their own program with the host families but in the evening we visited the Ii-Tunes Rock festival which was on the river bank two kilometres from the centre of Ii. We had a good time there and listened several bands playing rock music the only harm was the cold weather.


Then on Sunday it was time to fly back home. We kissed goodbye to our dear friends at the airport and said we hope to see them in Hungary next year.


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